Pue and energy consumption monitoring


Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Energy Billing



Power Consumption and Environment Status at Vodafone Data and Network Centers should be monitored. The system meet the following expectations:

  • Efficient Power Usage Monitoring
  • Electricity Metering
  • Energy Billing to Tenants
  • Power Quality Monitoring
  • Temperature-Humidity Monitoring
  • Water Leak Monitoring
  • Maintenance Service Management
  • Sustainable operation

Senplorer Solution

Sensplorer with its wide range of sensors, communication and protocol interface modules meets all the project expectations.

Sensplorer’s ModbusRTU, Modbus TCP protocol over RS485 support has been met the requirements of the target solution. Sensplorer collects the power quality (voltage, current, cos phi, power factor, etc…) and active-reactive power and energy consumption parameters online.

Sensplorer also reads energy and power metrics from electricity meters via RS485 with IEC 62056-21 protocol

Sensplorer also supports to read power metrics from SNMP supporting devices like UPS, DC power supplies, Power Distribution Units (PDUs) in 19” rack cabinets,  DC inverters, etc.


Sensplorer Management Software collects all power and energy related parameters from those different sources. It combines those values and calculates IT and non-IT load’s consumption and Power Usage Effectiveness online and real time. The system calculates those parameters on hourly and daily basis to model energy consumption behavior of each center.

Vodafone Verita project with Sensplorer was installed 24 data and network centers in Turkey.

Sensplorer also monitors, records and alerts if needed environment in terms of temperature, pressure, humidity and water leakage. Sensplorer dry-contact modules are used for old type of power supply devices to monitor via their alarm contact .

Sensplorer presents a complete solution for wide range of Vodafone requirements in their data and network centers.

The system has been running since 2012 . Sensplorer is still in operation 7 days /24 hours…