SPx-S6001 Sensplorer AC & DC RMS Voltage Sensor

Precise RMS voltage measurement

  • Used in AC and DC power lines
  • Measured power line is isolated from the system
  • Many different power line are monitored continuously in parallel without time sharing process
  • Sensor modules are used with Sensplorer Base Modules and Sensor Expansion Module
The Sensplorer AC&DC RMS Voltage Sensor measures and monitors the RMS voltage of power line. The sensor monitors the AC and DC power lines not only in the presense of the energy but also with the measured voltage value. The voltage measurement provides a continuous power quality indicator in time. It is connected to the sensor ports on the Sensplorer base modules or Sensplorer Sensor Hub Module by using CAT5/6 UTP cable. The module receives its energy via this line, and no seperate power supply is required. The maximum distance can be extended up to 200 meters.


If the sensor value goes out of the range normally defined by the user

Assigned system users, “if defined”, receive e-mail, SMS, phone call
Sensplorer cloud app shows the status change on dashboard
Mobile app receives the event
SNMP / Syslog servers ,”if defined”, receives the traps/messages
Sensplorer runs the specific rule(s) defined in case of this particular event
Sensplorer stores this event and sensor’s value in the sensor history database for logging or reporting purpose

Technical Specifications

Power : 7-12V DC
Energy Cons. : max. 1 Watt
Working Temp. : 0 – +60 °C

AC Voltage Measurement
Range : 0 – 300 VAC
Accuracy : +/- 5% at max.

DC Voltage Measurement
Range : 0 – 110 VDC
Accuracy : +/- 3% at max.

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