SPx-S4002 Temperature Sensor

The Sensplorer Temperature Sensor, monitors the environment in which it is installed with the temperature sensor on it. Sensplorer modules are connected to the sensor ports via CAT5 / 6 UTP cable. It also takes its energy via this line again. The maximum distance can be extended up to 200 meters. The limit values (lower and upper limit) can be set for each of the sensors on it. Each sensor can be defined as a two-stage limit value definition, a NOTIFY for a sensor, and an ALARM limit for another. For each limit and condition, the message can be sent separately (SMS, e-mail, SNMP trap, Syslog)

All sensor values can always be monitored over the TCP / IP network
The sensor continuously monitors the temperature and humidity value of the environment in which it is placed and checks whether the two values of the so-called WARNING and ALARM are exceeded


  • The Temperature Sensor Module of the SensplorerX family of products.
  • Can be connected to the sensor ports on the SensplorerX Main Module or Sensor Expansion modules
  • It does not require calibration and uses a sensitive sensor.

Recommended Sensor Planning

  • 1 temperature-humidity sensor in each server and active network device cabinet
  • 1 temperature-humidity sensor for each 10-12 m2 area 
  • 1 temperature sensor for each of the 30 m2 area above the suspended ceiling will give information about the room temperature loss.
  • 1 temperature-humidity sensor for each of the 30 m2 area under the raised floor gives information about both temperature and condensation. Choking indicates unnecessary over-cooling or problematic air circulation.
  • 1 temperature sensor for each electric panels
  • 1 temperature sensor for each UPS batteries cabinets

*** SPx-A99SW Add-On Software is available and helps to monitor with respect to ASHRAE TC 9.9 Std. 
For details

ASHRAE TC 9.9 Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces And Electronic Equipment

Sensplorer sensors are connected to the sensor ports on the main module or to the sensor ports of the 16-port sensor expansion CANbus module
The connection of the sensors is made to CAT5e / 6 UTP cable termination and RJ45 connector termination in standard color
Sensor modules also take their energy from the module they are connected to.

Power Input               :12V DC / 3A External Power Adapter 
Consumption              : Max. 0.5 Watt
Temperature              : 0° C to +60 ° C


Measurement Range         : 0 ° C to +60 ° C
Accuracy                           : Max +-0,5° C
Resolution                         : 0.01 ° C
Response Time                 : Max 5 Sec
Time Calibration               : Every year

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