SPx-S3001 Dry Contact Sensor

Sensplorer Dry Contact Sensor, The dry contact detection sensor on it monitors the status of the dry contact output connected to the device. The contact outputs can be one of two logical states. The user defines which state is normal and which is the alarm status for him / herself, and the system keeps track of the alarm status by operating the automation defined when the alarm condition is detected and informs the central server of the central server which has specified the relevant users to the messages. It connects to the sensor ports located on the sensorplerer modes via CAT5 / 6 UTP Cable. It also takes its energy via this line again. The maximum distance can be extended up to 200 mts.

  • Contact Detecting
  • Sensor Specific Rules And Automation Defination
  • Sensor Name Definition
  • Expandibility

  • SpX-3001 is a sensor module that detects the dry contact generating device outputs of the product family.
  • SensplorerX Main Module or Sensor Expansion modules
  • Can be connected to the sensor ports on
  • Point or Detection
  • It can make regional perception by cable.

Recommended Sensor Planning

  • Dry-contact means the output of the device to be monitored is voltage free
  • Sensplorer Base Modules include 16/8/4 inputs. Those inputs may be used if device is located at 25-30 mt cable length at max.
  • If distance or number of required inputs are not enough, you can use the 2-port Dry contact module or the 16-port module
  • 2-port dry-contact sensor module is recommended if the galvanic isolation is required
  • 16-port dry-contact sensor module is recommended if visual monitoring on site  is required
  • Sensplorer sensors read, monitor, and alarm outputs of relay output devices (UPS, smoke detectors, fire panels, PIR detectors, magnetic contacts, air condition alarm outputs etc.) via dry contact input ports on the main module. Informs.
  • The structure can also be expanded with the Dry Contact input expansion modules to be added on the CAN-bus​

Power Input                    : 12V DC / 3A External Power Adapter
Consumption                   : Max. 05 Watt
Temperature                    : 0 ° C to +60 ° C

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