SPx-I2001 RS-232 Interface Module

  • Sensplorer RS-232 Interface Module, RS-232 serial port on it
  • Using the device's own serial protocol,
  • Sind reads the values of the readable parameters, assignable values
  • You can update. The Sensplorer Main Module is connected via CAT5 / 6 UTP cable. It also takes its energy via this line again. All modules in the system have two CAN ports, one for the input and the other for the connection of additional modules
  • Bus length can be extended up to 200 meters.
  • Parameters to be monitored according to specific protocols (such as air conditioner, UPS, generator control card, card reader etc.) connected to the connected devices can be defined as output to parameters to be as assigned, such as sensors.

The device parameters are added to the system like a sensor, limit monitoring is done. Messages can be sent to the intended recipients if defined intervals are exceeded, automation rules can be executed

  • It is an expansion module used for monitoring and controlling the Sensplorer product family via RS-232 communication devices.
  • It acts as a DTE device supporting up to 19,200 bps.
  • The parameters supported by the gore for commands of the communicating DCE device are defined as input-output.
  • There is 1 DSUB-9 port on it.
  • It communicates with the Sensplorer system via the CAN line.
  • The serial port parameters can be defined specifically for the device.

Recommended Sensor Planning

  • A sufficient number of RS232 or RS485 module for each energy analyser, power meter, air conditioner, UPS, Diesel generator, etc…
  • 1 Modbus licence for each monitoring device supporting Modbus protocol (UPS, PDU, Analyzer, etc…)
  • 1SNMP licence for each monitoring device supporting SNMP protocol (UPS, PDU, Analyzer, etc…)
  • PUE&Energy SW licence to monitor and report Power-Usage-Effectiveness (PUE) and energy consumed values in hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis Devices to be monitored

Energy Analyzers  :

  •      Power and Energy Meters
  •      Diesel Generator Set and Control Panels
  •      Precision Air Conditioners
  •      PDU
  •      UPS 



Sensplorer RS-232 Serial Interface
The module is used to monitor and control devices that provide information from the serial port through its own protocol. The system monitors the desired parameters like the system sensor


Power Input                     :12V DC / 3A External Power Adapter
Consumption                    :Max. 2 Watt
Temperature                    : 0 ° C to +60 ° C


Serial Port                         :1 x DSBU-9
Max Baud Rate                  :19.200 bps
Expendable                       :Sensplorer CANBUS


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