SPx-B1016 SensplorerX Main Module

  • SensplorerX is the main control module of the product group
  • The onboard 10/100 UTP Ethernet port allows monitoring of sensor data over TCP / IP networks
  • Provides remotely accessed administrative tasks on the web server
  • Central monitoring software allows data exchange with standard protocols such as SNMP, XML SOAP
  • It is modular structure, it can be expanded according to the building needs with different IO, Sensor and Communication modules. CAN communication used for expansion
  • UPS, Generator, Air Conditioner, Analyzer, Counter Monitoring and management.
  • Modbus RTU support via RS485 and RS232 port
  • Megatech and SEC protocol support over RS232 port
  • Counter reading support on RS485 port with IEC 62056-21 protocol
  • Supports SNMP v1, v2c and v3, collects data from SNMP compatible devices on the network and generates an alarm when the specified parameters are exceeded.

SensplorerX can be connected to In addition to Sensplorer sensors on the CAN bus, it also monitors devices that support Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, SNMP, SEC, Megatech protocol, performs limit control and alarm generation.

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Power Input    :  12V DC / 3A External Power Adapter  
Consumption   :  Max. 20 Watt
Dimensions    :  440mm x 445mm x 20mm (width x length x depth) Operating
Temperature :  0 ° C to +70 ° C
Storage Temperature :  -40 ° C to +85 ° C  
Compatibility :  LVD 2006/95 / AT / TS EN 61000-4-5:2007 , TS EN 61000-4-6:2008
LAN     :  10/100 RJ45 UTP
Active Directory   :  Supported.
SNMP Agent   :  SNMP traps with v1, v2c, v3 support “trap” to respond to “poll” requests
IPv6    :  Supported.
LDAP  : Supported



  • 512Mb NAND flash
  • 600 Mhz ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor
  • 256 Mb DDR2 RAM
  • Linux 2.6.37 OS
  • 3 x RS-232 port (DB9)
  • 2 x RS-485 port (A,B,GND)
  • 2 x USB 1.1/2.0 Host port
  • 1 x MicroSD card holder


  • 6 x Sensplorer Sensor port
  • 16 x Dry-contact input
  • 4 x Relay Output (NO/NC) 
  • 5A@220/110 VAC, 
  • 3A@24VDC
  • 1 x 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet port
  • 1 x CAN module expansion port

SensplorerX is a product that performs critical automation monitoring, management, and alerting functions when necessary.

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