SPx-03008 Sensplorer 8-port Dry-Contact Module

Control and drives devices and loads

  • Switch ON/OFF manually or automatically by the Sensplorer rules
  • Cloud/Mobile App remote control on devices/loads
  • 8 Relays with NO / NC pins
  • Supports up to 5A @ 230 VAC on NO ports
  • Supports up to 2A @ 230 VAC on NC ports


The Sensplorer 8-port Relay Output Module has 8 separate relay with NO(normally open) and NC(normally close) pinouts.

Module is connected to the Sensplorer Base Module via CAN expansion bus.

Each relay output can directly drive the loads separately, or in higher current applications the relay output can also drive auxiliary coils that can handle high currents.

Relays are used to switch peripheral devices ON / OFF. User can assign name to each contacts.

Sensplorer also provides to switch the devices ON-OFF from the Cloud and Mobile Apps. Sensplorer base modules acts as an IOT gateway to

exchange request-response commands in between apps and device driven by the Sensplorer’s relay

Technical Specifications

  • Power : 7-26 V DC
  • Energy Cons. : max. 8 Watt
  • Working Temp. : 0 – +60 °C

Relay Outputs

  • Contact resistance : max.100 mOhm
  • Max.Switch Voltage AC : 250 V AC Max.
  • Switch Voltage DC : 110 V DC
  • Max:Switching Power : 90W at NO
  • (resistive load) 30W at NC

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