Online data center Heat map

Online data center Heat map

Turk Telekom
Heat Map & DCIM presentation on
Web based SVG Floorplan



Turk Telekom has four mega-size data centers.

They want not only to monitor the sensor network, but also to visualize the online heat map on center’s floorplan. They also want to see instantly the results of energy saving application on the floorplan view.

  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  •                        in 19” rack cabinets
  •                        at hot and cold aisles
  • Water leak monitoring under the raised floor
  • Energy consumption (IT / non-IT) collecting
  •                        from power analyzers
  •                        From electricity meters
  •                        From SNMP devices(PDU,UPS, etc.)
  • Visualize on data center’s floor maps

Senplorer Solution

Turk Telekom has four big size data centers for its own use and its customers. Sensplorer modules and sensors are already in operation for temperature and humidity monitoring in each cabinets (1000+) since 2011.

Turk Telekom integrate all monitoring functions on a single floorplan

Sensplorer presents a complete solution for this project. Proposed and implemented Sensplorer solution includes the Sensplorer Base modules, Modbus RTU and TCP modules, SNMP Interface Module, Electricity meter Interface module, Energy and PUE Monitoring module, ASHRAE TC 9.9 Std. software add-on and Sensplorer Management and Messaging platform software installed on-premise server.

Sensplorer monitors and manages all precision air conditioners from 4 different vendors (Liebert, Denco, Emerson, Uniflair) from a single platform. Sensplorer also takes fan’s and compressor’s run hours for service planning and energy saving monitoring purposes.

Sensplorer checks all air conditioner’s return air temperature and humidity values to catch if any abnormal condition occurs. It is really important issue for not to waste energy. It also show if any hot / cold aisle planning is correct or not.

Sensplorer monitors all power parameters for mains and UPS provided AC energy and voltage qualities. It also records and monitors all AC current values for load planning and control on each line, as well. Sensplorer also collects active and reactive energies from energy analyzers and electricity meter devices.

Sensplorer already monitors the whole data centers with temperature, humidity, water leak and vibration sensors and visualize all these information on the data center’s floor plan. The system admins see the heat map and whole system status on a single SVG based floor plan. They do not need to check many different software from different vendors. The system admins can see sensors, air conditioners, PDUs , power analyzers, fire alarm systems, 19” rack cabinet’s door, energy consumption on a single floorplan for each centers.