It Rooms

CASE STUDY : IT Room Monitoring

Health & Medicine Sector

Novo Nordisk Turkey



IT team wants to monitor their IT rooms for 7/24.

The parameters that are intended to be monitored are temperature-humidity, whether the air conditioner is working, water leaks, mains electricity interruption, UPS input and output voltage.

Also the fire extinguishing system and the status of the IT room’s door should be monitored.

Sensplorer Solution

Sensplorer Base Module and required sensor set (temperature, humidity, water flood, voltage and air quality) installed to the IT room and UPS-Battery room.

Sensplorer also monitors the alarm output of the precision air conditioner, FM200 fire suppression system.

Sensplorer is configured to send e-mail, SMS and phone calls to the assigned IT staffs.

Sensplorer also runs pre-defined rule assigned specific for each sensor entered into abnormal condition.For example run the backup air conditioner, stop fans when fire detected etc…

Sensplorer also records all sensor values for reporting and data analysis.

Sensplorer sends periodic e-mail message to system admins to make them sure that Sensplorer is up and running at 12:00am everyday.