Data Center

CASE STUDY : Network Infrastructure Monıtorıng



SONY TURKEY in Istanbul has a main datacenter and four network concentration node in the main office in Turkey location.

They need the following sensors to monitor the whole infrastructure:

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Water leakage
  • Air Conditioners
  • Fire Alarm System

Sensplorer Solution

Sensplorer Base Module and required sensor set (temperature, humidity, water flood, voltage and air quality) is installed to the IT room and the network concentration rooms. All sensor modules and sensor values/status can be monitored over web browser with  a single IP address.

Sensplorer is configured to send e-mail and SMS to the assigned IT staffs.E-mail and SMS messages includes details of which sensor is in abnormal status.

System also sends messages to the same user groups when the status of the sensor return back to the normal state.

System has been running since 2010 up to 2017. Sensplorer is still in operation for 7 days /24 hours…