About Us

Sensplorer products launched to design a monitoring and alarm system for IT rooms. First Sensplorer prototype was produced in 2008. Field tests and certification process was completed in 2008 Q3.

As soon as Sensplorer released to the market, it started to be used in many IT rooms. There are still many customers relying on this model for their new installations. Sensplorer v3 is the first member of very consistent, reliable and robust environment monitoring solution like all other Sensplorer models,

Second generation of Sensplorer products were released in 2013. They are Linux based and open for the new technologies. The hardware has been designed to work for years seamlessly and with network security. All models have a hardware watchdog.

Second generation of Sensplorer products have been using for many different industries with lots of capabilities and features. These include energy and efficiency monitoring systems, archive rooms, device monitoring and management, port network and infrastructure health monitoring systems.

In 2016, new Sensplorer firmware was released which was completely designed with respect to the requirement of the new age, the IOT… The Sensplorer solution supports wide range of protocol to connect and monitor sensors, devices and systems around.
In 2017 , Sensplorer had Microsoft Azure Certified for IOT.

Sensplorer ’s MQTT support brings many solution possibilities for environment monitoring, management, automation, mobile computing and team planning. Sensplorer is your best solution partner in new asset, energy and property monitoring IOT projects .